2019. évi jeligénk
„Az ajtó előtt állok, és zörgetek!”
(Jelenések 3,20)

IMATÉMÁK 2016/1.

We are thankful to God

– for the 20 years of ministry Superintendent István Csernák in 1996-2016. During his ministry 2 new circuits and 10 new pastors grew in the church, with many new members and the younger generations. This year he will be retired, and dr. Laszlo Khaled follows him in his ministry.

– for a brand new city in western part of Hungary (Mosonmagyaróvár), where a group want to enter in the UMC in Hungary at Easter. In this part of the country the UMC had never mission places in the last 120 years! The leader of this group would like to be be pastor in the UMC, he has a special call to do mission in more places in our country.

– for the Forrai Middle School, where in this year about 170 students learn Biblical studies from a Methodist school pastor every week. In the next school year 2016/2017 about 90 new students would like to learn in this school in 3 classes! In 2016 Summer with the help of a US group will be an English camp here.

Please pray with us

– for a Roma man who would like to work in the church as pastor, his name is István Raffael. Perhaps he could be our next Roma pastor in the country, but he has to learn a lot to do so, and he is living in hard situation, with his wife and the two children.

– for our Family Camp in summer, where we would like to organize our biggest camp in the summer for more than 200 people. We have many ministries here with children, young, adults and old people, with Hungarians and Romas. We pray for new people to visit this big camp and would like to see big changes in their lives and ministries.

– for our 11 circuits and about 20 active pastors, about half of the circuits experienced last year a pastor change. We would like to see the work of Gods through our pastors and lay people to build the kingdom of God. We would like to see a developement our churches: to be opened hearts and opened doors to reach and call new disciples following Jesus.

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