Our mission

In the essentiel objectives of the Church we focus on the Commitment to society, social sensitivity and practical charity to people in need. After the regime the Commitment to society expanded and had been institutionalized: we consecrated our diaconate institution in County Tolna (Kaposszekcső, 1991) and County Pest (Budakeszi, 1998). Our establishment are ecclesiasticals but we are offering with an open heart places no matter difference in sects. You are welcome to join!

Márta Mária Elderly Home, Budakeszi
2092 Budakeszi, Rákóczi u. 2.
Tel.: +36-23-451-570

Márta Mária Elderly Home, Kaposszekcső
7361 Kaposszekcső, Napsugár u. 15-17.
Tel.: +36-74-464-934
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