Among the fundamental aimsof the United Methodist Church in Hungary, the social commitment, the social susceptibility, and the practical works of mercy toward the downtroddens take an important place. Our social activity has been extended since the end of the socialist era, 1989, and given an institutional form: our dyaconis institutions were ordained in the southern part of Hungary, Kaposszekcső in 1991, and in Pest county, Budakeszi in 1998. Our institutions have a spiritual character, but anyone can be their inhabitant regardless his or her denomination. Our homes for elderlies are looking forward the enquiries!

Márta Mária Home, Budakeszi
2092 Budakeszi, Rákóczi u. 2.
Tel.: +36-23-451-570

Márta Mária Home, Kaposszekcső
7361 Kaposszekcső, Napsugár u. 15-17.
Tel.: +36-74-464-934

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