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United Methodist Church in Hungary Church Center Budapest Guest HouseÓbuda (Old Buda) is a 2000 years old town. You can still find today the ruins of Aquincum from the Romans time. Also a part from it at Flórián Square, near the Óbuda's Guesthouse. Behind our Guesthouse stands the hill Kiscelli that famous from it calm and peaceful forest park with the lovely Calvary Way in it. When you reached the top of the hill it's not just the scenery what breathtaking, the trinitarian church with its convent built in style baroque leads you back in time. The church is a local history museum now.

The especial location of the Óbuda's Guesthouse gives lots of possibilities for you to relax here. We can offer 4 bedrooms with 3 single beds in it, a 150 persons Prayer Room, a 60 persons dining room and a self-catering kitchen. We propose you to come even on your own, we are very welcoming families and groups for Conference.

The building was built in 1999. This newly built, full equiped house is the centre of the United Methodist Church in Hungary, contains the Agency Superintendent and gives place for the congregation of the area as well.

150 Persons Prayer Room
150 Persons Prayer Room
4 smaller places
60 Persons dining room
60 Persons dining room
4 smaller places
Self-catering kitchen
Self-catering kitchen

  1 person in one room 2 persons in one room 3-4 persons in one room
Foreign Guest
Children 6-12
21 EUR 17 EUR/person/night
11 EUR/person/night
16 EUR/person/night
10 EUR/person/night
Native Guest
Children 6-1
3.600,-Ft 3.000,-Ft/person/night

Children under age of 6: gratis!

Cím: H-1032 Budapest, Kiscelli u. 73.
Tel/fax: (00-36) 250-1536,
            (00-36) 250-1849
E-mail: hivatal@metodista.hu

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