United Methodist Church in Hungary
Guest House

United Methodist Church in Hungary Györköny Guest HouseRolling hills all around with winding streets, a fishpond and the inviolate wine cellars gives you peace of mind in the heart of nature and close to town, called Györköny - a small Swabian village with its 1000 inhabitants. We invite you now to spend time in this calm, rural spot with your family or as a christian group.

The recently renewed property serve you a 70 persons Prayer Room, 3 spare bedrooms, with self-catering kitchen and free parking.

The Györköny's chapel was built in 1992, this christian community is one of the oldest Methodist community in Hungary. Our sister Methodist church in Szekszárd was grown out from the heart of this village and Szekszárd became the centre of the Circuit.

Address: 7045 Györköny, Fő u. 80.
Pastor: Gyurkó Donát Sámuel
Tel.: +36-74-313-310
E-mail: donsamu@gmail.com

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