Who are the Methodists?

The Methodist Church as a religious revival in the Anglican Church was formed back in the 18th century. Embrace the poor and fallen created the need of an equal and responsible society. After the death of the leader of the Methodist Movement, John Wesley (1791), by a compelling decesion they came apart from the Anglican Church. Today we count 75 millions of Methodists in 108 different countries.

In Hungary the Methodist Church is exist since 1898. The first Methodist preacher ( Robert Möller ) came from Austria by the calling of Bácska (Part of South Hungary), a multi-racial German- speaking town. In the capital, Budapest, the Methodist mission started at 1905 (Ottó Melle). After Trianon the only Methodist Church remained was the congregation of Budapest. Than after the world wars the awakenings affected new churches in the country. Nowadays in 11 districts 15 pastors serve not less than 40 congregational sites.

The Methodist?s teaching and beliefs are focused only on the Scripture. With other christian churches they believe that the only one way what lead you to salvation is the Adoption of Jesus Chirst?s expiatory Sacrifice. The Methodist Church in a free christian spirit respect the Baptism, the Communion, the Agape Feasts as the other christian traditions. Believe, that no church is able to go against the only redeeming community need.

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